World.ini is a technical file that can be imported into world files. This file is commonly used when creating a custom flyover.

File name: S3_1F886EAD_00000000_3EC0CF0CC4A6540F%%+_INI.ini


World.ini controls three properties of a world, the distance at which lots convert to low detail models, the flight path the world will load if CameraFlyThroughPath.ini is also present, and the colour that will appear on top of walls on lots.

Annotated FormatEdit

EA annotations in red
Wiki editor annotations in green

LotLODHeightThresh = Sets the distance at which the world loads low detail models. Default is 400.
GameEntryFlyThrough = This sets which fly through from CameraFlyThroughPath.ini the world will use.

Color of wall tops (r,g,b) each in [0,1] range

WallTopColor=0.0 0.0 0.0

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