The Sims 3 - A Critical Appraisal

In this series of posts I hope to chronicle my love affair with The Sims 3 franchise, which I believe has come to an end. I guess I'm doing this for closure, but also because I've been really active in the community, I'm abandoning some heavily anticipated projects, and I don't want to leave without expressing the journey that I've had with the community, a community that I still love, and will still interact with. I may return, but certainly not for Showtime, and probably not until The Sims 4.


This is the entry I have been dreading most because there is just too much to say. The Create-A-World tool is, almost more than the game itself, the reason that I have played the Sims franchise. Had it not existed, my love of the franchise would have died long ago, I would have saved a lot of money, and some of my favourite creations would never have existed: Niua Simoa, Riverblossom Hills, Port Piston, and all the characters and stories pre-existing in or blossoming from them. Like many CAW users, I made my worlds with a degree of love that I suspect one rarely sees in gaming. Niua Simoa, in particular, will stay with me forever as a little kingdom of my own, down to the placement of the rocks and bushes.

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