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    A lot of users started reporting some odd behaviour in CAW following the Supernatural update - more save errors, EIG crashing, etc. As the game has gone through updates, and store content collections have grown (increasing the amount of info the application loads), CAW has become noticeably less stable - and it wasn't particularly stable to begin with. The Seasons update has expanded these problems to the point of breaking CAW entirely. If you are coming here looking for information about the latest problems your best bet is to head to this thread on the official forums: Save Issues with Supernatural and Seasons CAW: Discussion and research thread.

    • Specific world files (that worked on previous CAW versions) no longer open.
    • Specific world fil…

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  • Kiwi tea

    • c.185mb (gold version)
    • 86 lots (Res 45, Com 41, 7 completely empty)
    • Pre-populated with 55 Sims (not counting service/homeless).
    • For: The Sims 3 Store
    • Price: c.US$24.50 for the world itself. c.US$37 for the world with venue on sale.

    Sunlit Tides. It's a bit cheesy, but in a good way. It's not trying to be a beautiful South Pacific island nearly as much as it's trying to be a dramatically photoshopped picture in a tourist brochure, but it does this very well. If I hadn't spent so much time in the Pacific personally, I suspect this is the sort of place I would imagine, and it also resembles what I've heard about the tourist-y regions of Hawaii and American Samoa. It's based on the ideal of paradise. It may also just be that I've never been to the p…

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  • Kiwi tea

    We've had so much news and I don't make enough time to keep updating, but here's another round up of what we've heard that really impacts the world-building community.

    Recently EA announced that they are releasing a Seasons expansion pack in November, so let's discuss some of the details and how these might affect world builders.

    Firstly: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter will work just fine in our custom worlds. Seasons and weather are already customisable in-game, so there shouldn't be any need for complicated tunings like there is for the general lighting and climate.

    Secondly: Swimmable oceans are coming in the related patch. Sims will be able to enter any water with a gentle slope into it, and swim anywhere in the water they like, right…

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  • Kiwi tea

    There has been so much news recently, and I've been so busy between projects and real life I haven't had a chance to post it. So here are some of the exciting things we've seen.

    There were persistent rumours after the French official site leaked 1.36 patch notes suggesting EA planned to update Late Night and Showtime lots so that builders could merge their functions. This would lower the enormous number of entertainment lots that players had to include in their worlds. Nobody quite believed that EA would make such fundamental and positive changes to a previous title, but thankfully EA rose to the occasion and the patch came out confirming the leaked notes. Even though we have the patch, the notes that came with it are a little vague. Salien…

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  • Kiwi tea

    • c.140mb
    • 96 lots (Res 56, Com 40, 18 completely empty)
    • Pre-populated with 58 Sims (not counting service/homeless).
    • For: The Sims 3 Store
    • Price: c.US$21 for the world itself, on sale. c.US$35 for the world with Lucky Simoleon venue, on sale.

    Lucky Palms is a lovely world, evoking the desert really well, and giving players some fantastic new assets. It does not introduce a heap of new build/buy objects, but what it does introduce has not appeared before in this iteration of The Sims - cacti are a good example, as are the triangular windows that fit neatly beneath a roof, or the cheap slanted pole that acts as a one or two storey column. Lucky Palms puts more sand in our sandboxes than previous worlds, and what it offers does not feel like a rehash …

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