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Playa del Lago
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Name Playa del Lago
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Player stories

Name of the world and brief description. Squaretable (talk) 17:46, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

Playa del Lago is a World under construction on Mod the Sims by the user squaretable. It will be mostly taken up by lots of some kind. The Main area being currently worked on is a Suburbia called Vallington. It seems to until very recently been a large area, mostly farms. An Alpha version can be found on a link from the page.

If you could reformat this to an exceptable quality for The CAW tool Wiki it will be much thanked for.

Squaretable x


More detailed description of the world.


What does your world look like? What motifs does it have?


What is the story of your world prior to the player first loading it?




Technical InfoEdit

What are technical details that players should know about your world?





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