Lighting.ini is a technical file that can be imported into world files.

File name: S3_1F886EAD_00000000_5E4F8E7B226066CA%%+_INI.ini


Lighting.ini controls various aspects of the lighting for a world. The lighting colors for the world are not controlled by this file, but by color ramps.

Annotated FormatEdit

EA annotations in red
Wiki editor annotations in green

SunlightScale = Numerical range?
AmbientProbeScale = Numerical range? Effects?
LightProbeSaturation = Numerical range? Effects?
GrayscaleProbeIntensity = Numerical range? Effects?
BloomRampIntensity = Numerical range? Effects?
BloomRampThreshold = Numerical range? Effects?
Gamma = Numerical range? Effects?

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