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Name Kromelly
Game(s) I have used AM, GEN, Pets, LN, ST, TL, SP, SN
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Currently I have only made 1, but I will make a custom university subhood. And then a whole new world (based on this current one) for Island paradise.


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Kromelly was based on the island of Great Britain (more commonly known as the UK). I love the edwardian and victorian era, so I based it off of that. So at the begining it was actually meant to be tropical, I originally named it Keyhole island, but as it developed it gained it's own sense of style.

Town centre: 


Kromelly was once a lost city. Until one faithful voyage left it discovered…A young Sir Krommelly Gordonstoun set off on a voyage to find the rumoured Simerica in 1882. But fate had a different idea; halfway through his voyage he spotted land. As they anchored in it Sir Krommelly and two of his finest men went to explore this mysterious land. They found nothing, but mysterious little houses that rested on tree trunks. So Sir Krommelly named it after himself and stayed there with half his crew and a message was sent to the queen of Simmatica. After a year of waiting they finally saw a return ship carrying food and provisions. Many people had decided to try out the new land. Including Sir Krommelly’s wife a young witch named Genivieve.

It is part of a group of islands called the fairy lands on a count of that when they were found they had small dwellings on them filled with fairies, no one has been able to solve their mystery. They are in the Celtic seas. 

50 years later and Kromelly is still striving. Now in the modern age they have airports, politics, military and lots more. The island of Kromelly is now governed by Sir Krommelly’s descendant, Josh Gordonstoun and his wife. But the have many feuds with Krommelly's other ancestors, the other Gordonstouns.





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