Camilla de Luca
Everybody knows, and the majority love, Camilla. She is somewhat feisty and has the heart and personality of a fiery youngster. Her cooking skills are, hands down, the best and her humour is outrageous. But watch out, if something ticks her off she is going to get you!
Name Camilla de Luca
Lives With Lucio de Luca, Leo de Luca, Bellina de Luca
Family de Luca
Occult None
Traits Family-Oriented, Good Sense of Humor, Hot-Headed, Natural Cook, Neat
Lifetime Wish The Culinary Librarian
Favourites Latin, Cobbler, Turquoise
Neighbourhood Porto Corrado

Player stories

Camilla de Luca is a premade Sim in the ModtheSims collaborative world Porto Corrado.

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